So you want to get to know me a little more...

Well I hope we learn a little bit more about each other! My name is Breanna and yep, those two adorable girls right there are my baby girls. I am a wife of 7 years, dog mom of 5 years, and girl mom of almost 3 years. I also am an artist, designer, and administrative professional.

So you're probably wondering, why start a blog if you have got your hands so full? Well that is kinda exactly the reason. I work full-time as an office manager, so basically 24-7. That means I don't get to spend as much time with those two as I would like to. So while they are young I hope to hustle enough to create this blog and business so I can be home with them but not be stressed about finances all the time. 

Also, I have a major and somewhat obsessive love of art and DIY. I love all of it! I actually have a degree in Digital Art and Business Marketing. This is honestly my dream. To be able to create an art business that is profitable enough to support my family would be out of this world. So I hope to bring you some of my art and also give some DIY projects that I hope everyone can do. On top of all of that, in my 30 years I have learned some things (sometimes the hard way) that I hope I can help everyone out with. Share some my experiences while also starting conversation about topics. 

And uh... The Colorful Bohemian? Isn't that a little contradictory? Lol exactly. I am extremely eclectic. I love all styles and mine changes pretty much depending on my mood. But two things always stay the same. I absolutely love color and I have a super relaxed, DIY style (which I really think is what bohemian invokes).

Overall, I am just happy you are here reading this! I am definetly going to be learning this blogging thing along the way, so why don't you stick around to see how it goes!?

Peace and Love