5 Things To Do With Your Littles This Valentine's Day

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Valentine's Day this year is going to look different for a lot of us. If you are like my husband and I, we really don't go out on Valentine's Day, but it will be different with two littles this year. So I put together a list of 5 activities you can do at home with your littles. Now some of these will require some patience lol, but it definitely will lighten the mood! (Psst... I have a quick easy shopping list at the end)

Valentines Breakfast

Now this might not be something you want the littles to help with (especially if you're like me with a 2 year old). But this could be so much fun just with the things you serve! Whip up some pancakes and make them heart shaped. Cut strawberries length-wise so they look kinda like hearts. Make a build your own yogurt bowl and add fun heart sprinkles or serve strawberry yogurt (the pink kind). Or just even have fun Valentine's bowls and plates. Whatever you do I am sure it will be a hit!

Bake Together

Now this one can be fun no matter what! If you are doing cookies, just make sure to prep them the night before so they are cooled off enough to frost them. Then let the littles go to town decorating the next day! They could even help cut out the cookies. Or make a heart shaped cake, then they could help frost and add sprinkles too. Again, anyway you do this I am sure they will love!

Make Chocolate Strawberries

Ok chocolate is like the #1 thing for Valentine's Day. And I don't know about you, but chocolate strawberries have to be one of my favorite things! But what always sucks is that whenever you buy them from the store they are always kinda fridge sweaty, you know what I mean? Like they have been sitting in the fridge section too long and have condensation on the outside of the strawberry and they just aren't as good. So make them yourself! This will be super easy with littles! Just prep the melting chocolate and then dip the strawberries. And add sprinkles, do a fun drizzle, or just eat right then and there! No wrong way to do this one!!

Make Some Art Spend Time Together

So reading that you are probably like "Uh ya we are at home all the time with our littles right now". And so true! Right now I am working from home and taking care of them. But is that really spending time together? With having to focus on work or school right now, you may be at home together, but you're not really spending time together. So bust out those craft supplies and make some Valentine's day art! Or get them a fun coloring book that you can color in together. Or even just sit on the couch together and watch fun movies. Heck make it a stay in your Valentine's pajamas day and just be together. Or go outside and have a picnic, get some fresh air! Have the kiddos run around like crazy so they take a good nap... then you and hubby (or significant other) have some ALONE time... lol

Heart Pizza

So I had never heard of this until one of my coworkers told me she orders this with her kids every Valentine's day. If your in Bakersfield, Rusty's pizza has heart shaped pizza! And I am sure a ton of other pizza places do. And this is perfect for that lazy pajama day I was talking about too! Or if you don't want to buy this would be fun to make together! Don't have to make the dough heart shaped (go ahead and try though!), you could easily put all of the toppings on in a heart shape. Hey any way you do this would be great. Pizza any day is awesome by me!

Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy your time in! As difficult as it is right now, we won't have this time back in our littles lives. So make it a good memory in a crappy time.

I linked a few of my recommended products above (not affiliates...yet), but you really could do anything. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I made a quick shopping list for you! That way you can easily get the items I mentioned and don't have to write everything down.

Valentine's Shopping List
Download PDF • 738KB

Let me know if you do any of these! I would love to see you and your littles doing your activities together. Make sure to @thecolorfulbohemian or #thecolorfulbohemian on Instagram or Facebook.

Peace and Love

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