DIY Valentine's Day Heart Banner

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

It is crazy that Valentine's Day is already around the corner! I doubt that everyone decorates for Valentine's Day, but I really love to decorate for just about every holiday. My mom used to decorate and it was just much so much fun! And it just helps to get everyone in the holiday spirit. And now with my own baby girls, it is so much fun to see their reactions. As soon as I put this banner up with along with my other decorations, she walked out of her room and just exclaimed "Wow!" which is just so much fun.

So with my decorations I really try to use what I have on hand. And I do have a lot of art supplies on hand! If I do buy decorations, I really try to not get anything under $5 (well except for Christmas!). I also try to buy as much on sale as I can. Especially since decorations are only up for a short time.

So with this DIY I wanted it to be cheap, easy, and something that is around the house. And I really think it turned out so cute! The idea came to me one night while I was changing the paper towel roll. And it surprised me just how much a couple of rolls made.

So here is how I made it!


  • Paper Towel Rolls/Toilet Paper Rolls

  • String

  • Scissors

Optional Supplies

  • Paint

  • Paint Brush

I put paint as optional because this would be really cute plain also. Very rustic or even naturally bohemian.

So first here is my inspiration for color:

I wanted to go very colorful! And I loved these towels I found last year and had to make something that would compliment them. They remind me a lot of the Sweetheart Valentine Candies and I loved those as a kid (well all candy really)!

So this is going to be like a two day project. Well you could make it a one day project if you started painting the rolls in the morning and did the rest at night. But for this project, I painted the rolls the night before and waited overnight to do the rest.

So after giving them the night to dry, I started to cut. And cutting even just these few rolls made a lot! With these few rolls, I made one really long banner (about 7ft long!) and one short banner.

After I got them all cut, I then went about forming them. Which really isn't difficult at all!

First you are going to basically flatten the roll making like an oval shape. Then, I made sure to pinch what I determined to be the bottom really well. From them, I folded in the top as shown above. The piece that I determined to be the middle point of the heart I then pinched together and went to form the arches of the heart. To get the rounded shape, I kind of rolled the arches until I got it to flex enough to keep its shape.

Once I got all of the cuttings shaped, I start putting them on the string. And you don't have to use string. You could use ribbon or hey even fishing line if you don't have anything else on hand.

To put the hearts on the string and somewhat secure them, I wrapped the string around one of the heart arches. First putting the string through the heart, bringing it up and over, and then back through the front of the heart. Like I have pictured below:

With this wrap method, you can still easily move the hearts on the string if you find that you don't like the placement you have done.

And that is it!

From there just hang up and enjoy!

I thought it turned out really cute and I hope you like it as well! Let me know if you make this and if you had fun doing it!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to share with me how you decorate! Have fun!

Peace & Love

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