My Top 5 Reasons for Starting This Blog

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

So I am taking this online business course that I am actually really enjoying. And its crazy, like I took business courses, I did a fictional business plan, but I never actually applied it to a factual business so doing that now is so eye opening. And it helps me to just slow down. I have a tendency to want to do all the things at once, and then don't end up doing anything because I get overwhelmed.

Like for example, before taking this course I was talking to my husband about buying some more wood block canvases because I needed to try out a new technique, even though I have a whole shelf of canvases in my garage... but they're not wood so its different... kinda. Or that I needed to buy a screen printing kit because I wanted to start screen printing shirts, even though I literally have a Yudu in my garage that I used maybe like twice (lol did anyone else buy one of those?). I was even thinking about talking to him about buying a whole new printer because I needed to be able to make high quality art prints from home (even though I literally have a large format Epson printer sitting next to me... but its like old you know?).

And heck thats not to even mention the large amount of other art supplies I have because again I get a huge idea in my head "I have to buy all the things!" and then I actually realize how much time and money it is going to take and I step back. I literally have a full tub full of fabric that I bought with the full intention of making and selling headbands. Like I love headbands and I wear them all the time! But making them while having a full time job, two littles, a husband, and a house to take care of... uh ya I wasn't sure how to even think about to keep up.

But thats the thing, I could have done it! But I was so overwhelmed with well on top of making them I then have to market them. And don't forget about the packing because thats a major thing right now. And then I need to actually mail them. And so on. But again I could have done it if I just freaking started!

And then my sister, who is a nurse during this whole crazy COVID pandemic, starts a polymer clay earring Etsy store and just literally does it. Like just decides to do it one day because she needed an outlet from everything. Like hello!?!? Wake up call much!? And they are freaking cute! (Like shameless plug right here, but go check her out. 70's and Sunshine. On Instagram and Etsy).

So that was my problem I just needed to do it! So I did... (accidentally honestly I meant to just save but accidentally pressed publish... or was it an accident or divine intervention..!?!?).

But then I got in my head again that first I needed to do this and I needed to that. But what I really needed to do first was just sit down and figure things out first. And thats what this course has made me do.

And now finally after that huge long explanation(!) let's actually go into what I want to achieve with this blog because I want to look back on this and say "see I did that and I actually achieved that!".

Number One/Top Reason: My Baby Girls

See those adorable baby girls up there, yep those are mine. My husband and I waited for awhile to start a family. We wanted to be able to easily provide for them and not be stressed about money all the time. But now I feel like I am missing out on so much of their life, because I work full time. And then, because of COVID I was required to work from home. And I know I am lucky that I even have a job right now that I can work from home with. But have you ever tried to run an office with an almost two year old and being super pregnant (when the first shut down happened)? Or now I am trying to work and take care of a two year old and a 6 month old. And honestly I love being home with them. But, I don't love trying to balance all of my work to dos with my mom to dos. It's really just a major mind battle. Like I need to do this work, but then I feel like I am neglecting the girls. But then when I am taking care of the girls, I feel like I am not actually working and that others on my team are picking up things that I should be doing. So long explanation short (again...) I want this blog and all of my art and all of the things that I hope to do to become successful so I can be fully at home with them, but still help support our family.

Number Two: I want to show my art!

I have been creating for such a long time and have all of these ideas for what to do... but I never do anything with them. And not saying that you have to do anything with them. Like you may enjoy to create just to create. But I have wanted to make and sell art for such a long time that its time I actually do it! I have a degree in it for crying out loud!! And honestly I think I am pretty good (after years of making art I can finally say that). My art is not for everyone, but thats the truth about all art. And I want to share products with you that I think are going to be freaking cute. I want to bring my colorful craziness into your home and hopefully you love it!

Number Three: I want to inspire my mamas out there to create!

So one of the things I had to do with this course was describe my target market. Who was my niche? And of course I started out way too broad. Lol I wanted to reach all the people! But then I really thought about it. Like who primarily did I want to create things for? Who did I want to inspire? And I found that I want to inspire my mamas. My stay at home moms that are trying to do everything. Who are trying to keep the kids alive and grow their little ones mind without losing theirs lol. And also my working moms who when they get their chance want to spend quality time with their littles. So I want to create and inspire my mamas out their with projects that you can do with your littles! And it be all in one place. You don't have to search endlessly for where to get this product or how to actually do it. I got you!! And it doesn't even have to be a project you do with your littles. Maybe you want this to be your break. That's perfect! But it still needs to be easy enough that you can do it easily while your littles are doing something else. So again I got you!! Well I hope so!

Number Four: I want to show that DIY doesn't have to be hard or expensive.

Like if you are like me you follow multiple moms on Instagram or Pinterest that are building all of these really cool projects. Or they are creating all of these super cute things. But then in order to get started you have to buy this major tool or you have to buy all of these things over here. Oh and don't forget that this product over here will make the project go by so much easier! And thats great if you want to do it long term! But if you just want to make the one thing, like how do you do it? Or like how can I make items without spending all of our hard earned cash on craft supplies? And I want to show you! I want to show you how you can make that super cute wood project without having to buy all of the tools. I want to show you how to create decor items around the house without needing to buy a ton of stuff. And I want to show you how to repurpose things! I think it is so fun to take something basic and just make it fun.

Number Five and possibly one of my biggest reasons: I want to give you advice and create a safe space for mamas to share their advice as well.

I don't have all of the wisdom in the world, but I want to share with you some of my life experiences to hopefully help someone. Sometimes it also just helps to see that someone else went through the same struggles as you. And you know what sometimes you just need to rant! And I want you to do that here too, but like nicely and constructively. This is a safe space for all my creative mamas remember?

And honestly figuring out those 5 reasons on why I wanted to do this blog has freaking helped my sanity so much! Like finally I know where I am headed with this! Like as me even just 3 years ago and a blog was never on my to do list. But I honestly feel like I just need to just share now and also just get my art out there! Like I want to inspire. And hopefully you love my art enough that you want to have some in your home. Bring the color in!

So let me know what you thing in the comments below. Are you here for it? Are you bored and think I should be focusing on something else? (remember be respectful and constructive not just hating).

Peace and Love

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