Oh 2020... yep that happened.

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Here's to 2021!


So 2020 has been a weird one right!? I mean like there has been bad but then there has been good. Like for me, 2020 brought me my second baby girl Parker, so good. But it brought me working from home with a 2 year old, while pregnant, during a pandemic. Oh and also the whole giving birth during a pandemic.

And man I don't think I could even list all of the bad things that has happened in the world. Like not only people passing away from this crazy COVID-19, then on top of that we had killer bees, forest fires, and black lives being taken away that then incited riots. Oh and on all top of that it was a Presidential election year!

But then there was good. We came together as a community. We stood up for our rights. We realized just how precious life is. How much we value our friends and family. And how important it is that we take care of ourselves and our mental health.

So going back to 2020 for me, like I mentioned it started off really like every year started off. In 2019, I had realized that I wanted to be at home more with my first baby girl Carter. So I was looking into ways of doing that. I actually purchased this domain and started designing my business in 2019. So I started doing more art. I started an Etsy shop and tried selling things there. I posted my artwork on Society6 to hopefully sell some things there. And then I found out I was pregnant in November. And it just grew my desire to really make working from home and giving my art business a chance. But it also made me really doubt myself. Could I really do this and help support our family? Was this even achievable? Was my art good enough for anyone to even like? And then man I thought about time. How was I going to make, sell, and ship everything while still working and taking care of my growing family? But I still tried.

And then 2020 hit.

I mean ya, at first the year was going good. I wasn't having morning sickness (actually didn't with either of my pregnancies thankfully!). And I was still trying to pursue my dream (oh I didn't mention that my dream is to actually have a successful art business check out my "About Me" to learn more about my background a bit). But then this craziness of COVID-19 hit the US. My boss decided that being pregnant, I really needed to work from home just to be safe. And ya I agreed. But man have you ever tried to work from home with a 2 year old!? Ya it doesn't work out very well lol. So my dream got put on hold. And then I went on maternity leave. And ya I mean I have this time not working to start working on my dream again right!? Well here in CA, when you are on leave you basically have to have no other source of income, so I had to stop selling things (or at least I was really worried about that becoming an issue and them coming for everything they paid me so I stopped). And then ya hello, there is the whole having a newborn and a toddler to look after. If you haven't experienced that yet, lets just say you don't get much time to even shower let alone work on something. But, I fell even more in love with being home with my girls and I actually painted! Something I hadn't done in what felt like forever.

But then, I had to go back to work.

I mean hello! I have to help support my family right. And ya that was in November that I went back. But soon after I got back I realized the change in me. I wasn't as invested in my work as I was before. I just did what I had to and then took off. And thats not fair to my team. Like they should have a manager that is happy to be back at work and not look at it as a chore. And really I did at first. It was a nice break from taking care of a newborn and toddler lol. But it changed. And then the second wave of COVID hit and there was this shift in my office. I am not going to talk about it now because hello I still work there, but it has instilled in me even more that I need to follow my dream.

So here I am! I am honestly scared poopless (lol insert adult word there). But I am giving this a real go. I honestly have watched so many classes and tried to research every little thing. But that just got me even more intimidated. And none of them would be selling those classes unless they just started right!? So this is it. Here is me starting and praying to God that I can make this work.

I honestly never thought I would have the guts to do this, but what can I lose?

So follow me along to see what I come up with! And I am so incredibly happy that you are here!! Thank you for even reading this.

Peace and Love

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