Well Hello! Again...

You know I would love to say that I was away discovering myself and creating and doing all of this magical stuff but in truth I wasn't.

This past year I was very much on the edge of burnout... or pretty much at the starts of it.

With balancing trying to start a business, figuring out what I actually WANT to do, what my job expected of me, and what my family NEEDS from me. I was really drowning in everything, but more so expectations that no one put on me but myself. So beginning of the year I was tired of it and decided to make some changes. So I did.

First (and the biggest thing) I HAD to get a new job. And don't get me wrong, I honestly loved the team I worked with. I had the best boss I have ever had. But my job was demanding and I felt like I could never just turn off. I was an Office Manager and managed the largest office in our company. So even when I was off I needed to check email and just make sure the team was good and the office was running good. And man the expectations I put on myself were even worse. I felt like I was failing the team when I wasn't on the ball 24/7 and man I needed to just not be sometimes.

So luckily I got a new job... in the same company at the same office. And I love it! Technically I took a step down, but honestly thats what I needed. I am able to just go in and do my job and that is it! And I have a great boss and great team. I honestly couldn't have asked for more. Now when I get off of work I am not just wore out, I am actually THERE for my family.

Now that I have done that, I need to actually work on me. And in the last month, I have started to realize what I really wanted to do.

I started this blog fully with the intention of doing mainly DIYs with a little life and art thrown here and there. But I have kinda changed that. I want to focus on my art and like life in doing that. And I want to create products for life and just for fun. And because I like them!

So here is what I am going to focus on now:

1st: Health and Going Natural

I want to talk about this so much! I went vegan for a while before I had my first daughter, Carter, and it was hard but honestly I felt good. But I want to do it differntly now. I want to focus on eating better overall and just going more natural with products. Main goal: being that crazy plant lady with a bunch of herbal remedies!

2nd: My Business WILL be successful!

I see myself creating products to brighten up a home and just everyone's personal style. Thats why I will be moving away from promoting just to creative mamas to just the colorful bohemians like me! And hey will things change, most likely. I want to get away from perfection and just freaking do it!

3rd: We will get a house in the next year.

I am manifesting this to my full hearts desire. I have wanted it for such a long time now, but now we are actually on the path to do it. Man I just want to make a house our own. And not just throw our money into a house that isn't ours that we really can't even change if we want our deposit back.

4th: My Family

My most important one. None of this, none of my goals would be anything without my family. So it is time to actually take off time and enjoy them. And do things that utimately make us a better family.

So lets do this! Follow me along to see where this takes me and see if I change my mind again lol.

Peace & Love

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